Wire Services

ROUTING #:  #323075327

Members may electronically wire funds into or out of their Pacific NW Ironworkers FCU accounts. To wire funds to another institution, you must: 1. Provide us with the receiving institution’s wire instructions. 2. Sign a wire authorization form at one of our branches.

If you are wiring funds to your Pacific NW Ironworkers FCU account, our wire instructions are as follows:

Incoming Wires:

FI Beneficiary
Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union
Plano, TX
ABA # 311990511

Intermediary Beneficiary (further credit)
Pacific Northwest Ironworkers Federal Credit Union
11620 NE Ainsworth Cir #400
Portland OR 97220
Phone: 503-774-3848
Toll Free 1-877-769-4766
Fax: 503-774-7619
ABA# 323075327

Final credit to (Member account #)